Finance Automation

Supercharge your business with our modern finance platform

Manage your financial operations easily within our platform, such as viewing payments with complete information such as breakdown and automatic tax computation for compliance purposes. You can also export reports to customize them based on your needs.

A table where you can check the status of payment and important details. Payment interface where you see all the details of payment transaction.Isometric design style of PayRex dashboard showing payment transaction.

Enhance efficiency in finance with automated tax computation

Optimize your daily workflows to reduce the time spent on manual finance operations and more time on strategic growth opportunities. Let us shoulder the burden of staying compliant with financial reporting requirements, navigating regulatory changes and keeping up with new accounting standards and tax laws. Our comprehensive finance dashboard ensures you stay ahead of the curve, allowing you to focus on driving profitability and innovation.

tax computation
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Simplify reports, save time and reduce hassle

Generate reports in different formats tailored to support your finance team in streamlining their financial processes and maximizing efficiency.

Refine your financial system with modular and holistic solutions

Unlock the full potential of your business cash flow lifecycle with PayRex Integration, seamlessly integrating financial data into your ERP for accountants and enabling analysts to extract insights from your data warehouse effortlessly. With PayRex's comprehensive finance automation, streamline processes from customer acquisition to revenue collection, book closure and sales tax filing, ensuring efficiency without compromising complexity or scalability. Spend less and achieve more growth.

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Streamline tax management with automated calculation and collection.


Access built-in accounting reports for effortless financial insights.